1. P

    African Grey' When to introduce nest

    I have almost 2 years old African Grey. What you guys think I should introduce nest box as they are chewing almost all the woods and perches,feeding each others. Regards,
  2. Raz

    Gender and nesting questions.

    These are my jenday conures , they’ve already bonded and im pretty sure ones a male and the other a female based on tail length and head shape, in addition to being adults from the colorings. Can anyone confirm this and give me tips on how to make them a nest that doesn’t require wood? I’d...
  3. T

    New and odd behavior

    We have a female Alexandrine parakeet that came from the SPCA about 15 years ago and was around 5 or 6 years old then. She has a large cage and we let her out loose for about 6-8 hours a day. She does not talk, but whistles, mumbles, chirps, other funny sounds, but mostly squawks. Her hobby is...
  4. T

    I got a breeding pair of lovebirds as gifts and need help

    I am new here and this is my first time posting (joined because I thought it would be helpful to caring for the birds). A family member of mine received two masked lovebirds (if I am correct because the internet seems to give me weak answers) as a gift and I have co-ownership over the breeding...
  5. B

    post-egg-laying behavior –– not returning to tent

    Hi, all. My lovebird laid four eggs (non-fertile; she's alone) over a week period, and during that time she stuffed her little 'tent' with paper strips that she'd placed into her 'hind' feathers and transported to her home. About three weeks later, after she'd seemingly stopped producing eggs...
  6. G

    Please I need your help concerning Nestbox Size

    Hey, is it okay to use this nestbox for my parakeets couple ? basically it's a cockatiel nestbox but it's the best I can find in my area concerning the quality of wood and the size, it's a bit large for a parakeet I guess but would it be a problem ? I also found a...
  7. Aerski

    My experience with nesting birds

    I was going to take a bath as normal, when I see something through the window, a black figure with little black figures moving around.. as dumb as I was, I open the window and was greeted by three small birds. They were already scared so I close the window and think. There was a nest there, full...
  8. O

    nesting problem-URGENT!! (rejecting eggs)

    First off, we are 100% new to parakeet breeding/eggs. Especially seeing as we had not considered it a possibility, we believed that we had two female parakeets. We understand, of course, that these eggs may very well be infertile. But we simply think it best to care for them as if they were...
  9. A

    Benjamin hatching a Ping Pong Ball?

    We are still getting to know Benji (2 weeks since adoption) and he is generally settling in very well. He seems happy (has a medium sized bedroom as all his own, with 2 large cages and many, many toys both inside and out) and is free roaming (in that room) full time. Very affectionate in the...
  10. A

    is my conure nesting?

    hey guys, i wanted to ask if someone knows if this is a sign thay my conure is nesting? if it is what actioms do you recommend me so that i can help thanks
  11. Bobo

    Do male GCCs make nests?

    My family members report seeing TJ, my pinapple conure, making strips of paper and tucking them in his tail. I'm aware this is what parrots do when they want to make a nest, but to my knowledge TJ is a male (according to his previous owner, he was DNA tested). I thought only females build nests...
  12. T


    Hello! Zazu is still continuing to lay eggs. We are on our fourth egg now! I read that she could have protein deficiency during this time. What do you guys recommend I give her for protein? I tried hard boiled eggs but she won't eat them ):
  13. C

    My adventures with Roxy's egg laying

    Hello everyone! Haven't been on in awhile, just wanted to update everyone on Roxy. I know many of you are experienced eclectus breeders, but I just thought I would share what I have learned from Roxy over the past year for those who are new to female parrots. Roxy is a Solomon Island eclectus...
  14. S

    Sex and breeding

    I am 100% (and I mean 100%) clueless about bird reproduction. When I got my budgies, I was told that if you don't put a nest box in, they won't breed and that's that, I didn't put a box, they didn't (not sure of their sex so don't know whether they could've if they'd wanted to). I've since...
  15. greenthii

    Budgie and shoes

    Hello everyone! My one year old budgie Thaii, has been interested in one of my old shoes and tries to go in and out of it. She has a mate, named Dexter and he is also 1yr+. I only took the shoe to give to my Boyfriend's tiel since I'm birdsitting him, and he LOVES shoes, feet, and socks. c...
  16. T

    What is my bird doing???

    Ok, I have a female lovebird, her name is Twilight she is about 2 years old and I have only had her for about 3 months. Her previous owner hand raised her from a chick but neglected her after the first year, so it has taken a little bit of work to re-socialize her and she is doing great though...
  17. walterbyrd

    Can Lovebirds re-absorb eggs at some point?

    In June of 2012, when I first rescued Lucky, I took her to be groomed by a lady who runs a shop selling bird pet stuff - I think she is knowledgeable about birds. She took a look at Lucky, and told me Lucky was forming an egg. Thinking the egg would be laid, one way or another. I asked if I...
  18. walterbyrd

    Does nest building lead to egg production?

    I have a single female, named Lucky, who seems obsessed with building a nest. About a year ago, she had an egg burst inside her, and it nearly killed her. I don't want her producing eggs, should I stop her from her nest building behavior?
  19. walterbyrd

    Obsessive nest making and hormonal behavior

    I keep her in the dark, in a walk-in closet, for 12 hours at night: from 6pm to 6am. I think that might help, a little, but she is still obsessive about nesting. She is always looking for a place to nest, and always looking to shred paper to put in her tail feathers. She still does this...
  20. MarciaLove

    breeding Green Cheek Conures

    I recently got a breeding pair of Green Cheek Conures (3 days ago) they are a proven pair 4 years old and I gave them a cockatiel nest box outside their cage you know by opening a door and attaching the box to that opening so they can get in it but they wont go near it! what should i do? does it...