new bird diet

  1. O

    New Eclectus parrot

    Hey guys! So I recently bought my first eclectus parrot!! (when I say new, I mean REAL NEW, about two week ago) I'm having a variety of problems with him: - he wont eat the chop I made him (leafy greens, carrots, corn, bell pepper, chills, quinoa, oats, cucumbers, corn, a little bit of egg...
  2. W

    3.5 months old Cockatiels not eating

    Hi, I bought 2 three month old cockatiels from a pet expo and relasised that they look a bit underweight. The guy selling them told me that they were just weaned from hand feeding and eat on thier own. However I have noticed that they don't eat much. I even tried spray millet they nibbled like...
  3. Ezekiell

    How to convert new bird to pellets?

    I’ve got a question for all the more experienced parronts out there. I’m now preparing earnestly for when Māui comes home in 2 months (he’s being bird sat by the breeder until we move house) and that includes figuring out how to convert him from seed to pellet diet. Right now, the breeder feeds...