new bird mom

  1. I

    Cockatiel cage aggression, normal?

    Hello all! Just recently adopted a cockatiel (about 3-4 months old). He's had his wings clipped before we got him but they're slowly starting to grow back so he can fly pretty far and likes to test his skills by flying to random areas whenever he wants to (but he sometimes fails to grasp onto...
  2. SofisZooHouse

    New to adulting, not to birds :D

    Hi my name is Sofi and I just recently got my first Green Cheeked Conure as an adult. Growing up we had a red Conure(I don't know his exact species) named Max and three Budgies named Rosa, Remi, and Mini Max. I named my GCC Roy and am thinking about getting him a mate. I don't want to rush into...
  3. S

    Reasons your lovebird is grumpy!!!

    40 years of having and raising Agapornis roseicollis aka Peachfaced Lovebird has taught me a lot! Many thanks to all whom have inspired and instructed me! 1) Boredom Lovebirds get bored easily. Change out toys, even thier most favorite toys, will keep that birdie brain busy! Grooming toys, toy...
  4. Kamarro

    Hi all! New bird mom (1st timer here)

    Hi! I’m Kelsey, I already made a original post about bonding with my new baby conure. But I should have introduced myself first. I am a wi8+ year Vet tech, full time job and mom to both human and birds. (Disclaimer:I know the amount of time I need to spend with my birds and I interact with...