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new bird needs

  1. Emmy21

    Confused about first visit to the vet

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, but I've been reading all your posts for a long time and am so impressed with the wealth of knowledge and care you possess. Firstly, I don't believe my darling bird is ill -- he just had a routine physical and consultation yesterday. My main question is whether I...
  2. R

    Info on new GCC

    Howdy, I am purchasing a 4yr old male GCC conure his owner passed away and he was taken in by friends, he is tame and all but I've never owned a GCC I have had Sun Conures, Quakers, Cockatiels, Parakeets, WB Caiques, handled African Greys. So what do I need to know about owning a GCC. do you...
  3. benton23

    Advice on a Conure

    Hi, new member here. I will be getting my first Conure hopefully soon. I've been debating back and forth between a Green Cheek or a Sun Conure. Even though they are known to be louder, I really love Sun Conures, and if I'm going to make a 30 year investment in a bird, I think I should get my...
  4. AngelaB

    Hi! I'm a soon-to-be GCC mom!

    Hi All! I live with my husband and two children (8 & 10) in a condo in MD. We lost my son's pet canary a couple of months ago and have been shopping for a new bird. I was raised in a household that had a Blue-Front Amazon, two lovebirds, two cockatiels, and a parakeet. (Not all at the same time...