night time

  1. Kamarro

    Scared of the dark??

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if my conure is scared of the dark. He used to be okay to where the dark didn’t bother him but as he became more bonded to me, when I cover his cage for night time or turn off lights he starts to screech and panic. I was wondering if others have experiences with this...
  2. L


    Hi all! I have a GCC, Max. :gcc: He's probably about 3. He was.. neglected.. in his old place. He's terrified of fingers, doesn't step up when called, and has terrible separation anxiety over me (he has been smitten since I first met him.) My question is about his separation anxiety...
  3. M

    Chulo coming home November 17th

    Hi everyone, I am bringing my CAG home November 17th. My home is ready and the cage has been set-up for a month. I am trying to add to the cage by buying toys and perches, bowls etc. I am wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks. The cage is in my living room. We sleep on another floor...