Chulo coming home November 17th


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Jul 8, 2012
Hi everyone,

I am bringing my CAG home November 17th. My home is ready and the cage has been set-up for a month. I am trying to add to the cage by buying toys and perches, bowls etc. I am wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks. The cage is in my living room. We sleep on another floor. Should I purchase a different (smaller) cage to bring Chulo upstairs with us at night? Any food suggestions? I also work during the day but I would like to take him to the office with me a lot of the time. Does anyone have any tips about traveling in the carrier in the car in the winter? Should I?
Thanks to all.



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Sep 26, 2012
Hi, you must be very excited about your new bird coming home! Mine is coming too beginning on November!

The best pellet and the ones that seems to come back every time are:
Harrison, High Potensy (especially for greys)

You want to avoid all the multi colored one as they're usually loaded with sugars and artificials colorants. Too much sugar in a bird's nutrition is not good.

For the sleep cage, it is up to you but make sure that your bird have a good environnement to sleep, not to noisy and stuff. You can cover his cage , when it'S sleeping time.

I know that some people who carry the bird in cold weather would heat the car first and use blankets on the cage to transport from the house into the car to avoid cold wind. I personnaly wouldn't bring my CAG to work everyday but it is again, up to you!

Maybe others will chime in to give you more answers! Hope I helped you abit!


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Jul 8, 2012
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I have two sleep cages in a quiet room for my two. They get plenty of sleep time without the TV. For treats my lil guy loves pinenuts. I know you are so excited right now...

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