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    Rehoming Surprise Gifted Conure

    Hello, I was looking for resources or anyone in the Cleveland Ohio area that has been looking to own a Conure for a while. My ex (right before they dumped me) bought me a parrot as a surprise gift when they knew I was looking to join the Air Force in 6 months, I feel really guilty about this...
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    Resuced birds need home

    Resuced birds need home -- Dayton, Ohio I have 2 green cheek Coures and 2 Cockatiels in Dayton, Ohio. I rescued them from someone I know because they were not taking care of their properly. There were 3 Conures, One had a broken leg when I got him so I took him to the vet and after...
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    Where to buy GGC?

    Anyone in the Ohio area, do any of you know about the Sugarcreek Bird Farm? I've heard lots of good things, but a few people have said that the owners lied about the birds and did not correctly DNA sex them. :greenyellow:
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    Looking for Cockatoo in Ohio

    Hi everyone! I'm having a REAL hard time finding a cockatoo (in OHIO) that needs a new home. I'm not looking to buy from a breeder, and I've had no luck with reaching any rescues in my area. Anyone know of any Cockatoo's that are looking for a new home? Let me know! :) THANKS!!