1. chloe.millar

    Can I leave my Green Cheek outside?

    Okay question! I am a full-time student and often leave the house for 4-6 hours at a time. My green cheek conure has a full indoor enclosure and is never caged when I’m home. However, I hate to leave her inside when I’m away. So I have a cockatiel sized cage that I place right outside the front...
  2. S

    Security System for Outdoor Cages

    I am looking to add security for someone with 5 outdoor cages used to rehabilitate birds. There are locks on the cage doors, but someone could easily cut the wire mesh surrounding the cage. Does anyone know of a good way to tie outdoor cages into some kind of security system? Would birds set...
  3. Roanoke

    Outdoor Paradise

    Whoops, starting a new thread again! Lately I've been doing research on outdoor aviaries, prices and construction. I originally had my mind set on a tensile netting structure like you'd see in a very very wealthy zoo, but considering that an aviary of that magnitude would cost me every penny...
  4. 1

    Building an outdoor parrot Aviary.. lots of questions!

    Hi we have a Blue fronted amazon parrot and he has free roam of the house, but we wanted to do something special for him. We are going to build him an inexpensive outdoor aviary. We already have wood for the frame of the aviary. Will this wire mesh work for the aviary? Shop Blue Hawk 48-in x...
  5. S

    Outdoor Aviary for Pair of Eclectus

    Hello, I have just received a pair of Red Sided Eclectus parrots and I wanted to build an outdoor aviary for them. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the dimensions and materials I should use. Thanks in advance