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    Global Owl Project; Pels Fishing Owl care

    Global Owl Project http://nyti.ms/15ht33J My experience working with Pel's Fishing Owls Bird-Keeping Adventures - Caring for a Pel?s Fishing Owl | That Bird Blog
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    2012’s Newly-Discovered Birds – Owls, Barbets, Feathered Dinosaurs; Which is Your Fav

    Hi All, Ranging from easily- overlooked little wrens to large owls and brilliantly- colored barbets, a variety of spectacular new bird species were discovered or described in the past year. Fossils of dinosaurs that may have displayed colorful feathers in a manner similar to modern-day peafowl...
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    Falcon slaughter; trouble for owls

    Help end slaughter of India's #falcons Help required to end hunting massacre in Nagaland, India | BirdLife Community Black magic beliefs and Harry Potter spell trouble for owls Black Magic and Harry Potter Spell Trouble for India