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    Painted Conure

    I am looking to find a Painted Conure this spring to join with my Yellow Sided Green Cheeked Conure. It can be either a young bird from a breeder or a rescued bird. What is most important is that he/she is healthy, not have any diseases and is has been handled/socialized so he/she will step up...
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    Looking For Painted Conure

    Hello, I am hoping to find a friend for Rio, my Green Cheeked Conure. I am seeking to purchase or adopt a painted Conure within the next 6-9 months. I am looking for a bird that has been socialized and will step up. Rio came from Petsmart and as a result is terrified of hands since he started...
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    Debby & Rio - new members

    My name is Debby and I just joined the group. I have a male Green Cheeked Yellow Sided Conure named Rio who is less than a year old. He is loads of fun and a very handsome boy!!!!! Since I am a first-time bird owner, I joined the group to collect insight and share stories. I am not a first-time...
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