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Feb 17, 2016
Rio - Green Cheeked, Yellow Sided, Male Conure. Hatch date estimates as fall of 2015.
Cici & Bibi - Budgies
I am hoping to find a friend for Rio, my Green Cheeked Conure. I am seeking to purchase or adopt a painted Conure within the next 6-9 months. I am looking for a bird that has been socialized and will step up. Rio came from Petsmart and as a result is terrified of hands since he started life in a large commercial breeding facility. We are working on it but trust is coming slowly.

I have had a real hard time finding any breeders. I have found multiple breeders that advertise Painted Conures on birdbreeders.com and Pyrrhura Breeders Association but the information is old and links do not work.

However, I see many people who have them in forums. I would appreciate your sharing any ideas or leads you may have.

Thank you!
Have you tried here? Species we breed - Something Cheeky I don't know anything about this breeder personally, though it seems I've heard the name. Looks like they have a WIDE variety of Pyrrhura conure species available at great prices, including Painted. Says closed aviary too, which shows they're disease conscious. Website needs to be updated, but it says to call for availability. Good luck!

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