parrot safe cookware

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    BBQ, Cookware, and a flight tent??

    Hi - I promise I am not grilling my bird!! I'm excited as I found two parrots who need rehoming, a Senegal (2, M) and Eclectus (4, M). I am only able to take one of them home at this time, and I'm meeting both current owners to see if the personalities mesh well with my own! All goes well...
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    Hard Andronized Non-stick Cookware

    Hello I really want to get a parrot but I feel like my house is not safe for any birds. Do any of u guys have the Emeril™ Essential Nonstick Hard Anodized 11-Piece Cookware Set in Black...
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    Please help.

    I need suggestions of skillet and wok that are BIRD SAFE. I cannot afford to spend a lot. Looking for under 200. I know there are countless threads on this already but if anyone has a link and personal experience , I'd find that easier than weeding through hundreds of comments. Thanks.