patagonian conure

  1. Robidium

    Adopting another bird - Alexandrine or Blue-throated Conure?

    Hi all, I have a bird-shaped hole in my heart! I enjoyed having two birds, I have a vacant cage, my strata allows for up to 2 birds, and my rescue has birds that need homes. So I'm going to adopt another bird in the near future! Out of the birds my local rescue has, a few have caught my...
  2. Rkwh

    Patagonian Conure coming home soon! Help 😍

    Hi everyone, I’m new here all though have been reading posts on this site for a long time. So as the title suggests i will be having a patagonian conure companion in about 3 weeks time! And I would love love love to hear peoples experiences with this particular type of bird, photos and videos...
  3. S

    What type of parrot is this?

    So I saw these birds in a local aviary shop and now I'm curious! Anybody have any idea as to what they could be? Sent from my VFD 700 using Tapatalk