1. Rkwh

    Patagonian Conure coming home soon! Help 😍

    Hi everyone, I’m new here all though have been reading posts on this site for a long time. So as the title suggests i will be having a patagonian conure companion in about 3 weeks time! And I would love love love to hear peoples experiences with this particular type of bird, photos and videos...
  2. Lluviasrain

    Playtime with Tialu

    Let me tell you a story.. Once upon a time there was a little bird.. he'd bounce and he'd thrash and occasionally he'd do the monster mash. At times a bit shy, he really was a sweet little guy. Even if sometimes a bit devious, he could also be seemingly quite serious. ..Other times he was just...
  3. F

    Howdy from Vermont

    Hi! I joined last November, but only became active in the forum recently. I adopted a middle-aged Patagonian Conure from Feathered Hearts Rescue last year, and the adjustment to having her in our home and lives has beeb occasionally challenging and mostly enjoyable. A couple of adorable...