peach fronted conure

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    How much of the day does your bird spend being crazy!!!

    Hey guys I’m curious to see how often and for how long your birds are just bouncing around and hyper!! I’d also like to know what species you guys think is the most chill, play time every day of course but not all day haha The birds I’m really interested in right now are derbyan parakeets...
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    Hard biting (male peach fronted conure)

    Hey guys My names jacob and i just joined up to ask some questions about my lovely peach fronted conure Petrie. He’s going really well, and is the first conure ive owned. I’ve previously kept budgies and cockatiels, so i have a bit of experience. Anyway, he is hand-raised, gentle, and...
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    Peach Fronted Conure's Companion New Member

    Introducing myself to the forum: Asia is a Peach Fronted Conure, we have been buddies for a little over a year and are truly best friends! She tolerates my wife and teen daughter, ignores one dog, and is developing a buddy relationship with our other dog. It's absolutely facinating to see how...