1. D

    New Nippy Pearly?

    So I just recently got a baby Pearly Conure. She is the cutest thing but has a nasty bite! She makes me bleed about almost every other time she nips. Is this normal for new pyrrhura babies that come home? do they stay this nippy for awhile? And what can I do to help stop it? What is the best...
  2. happycat

    Green cheek, Crimson Bellied, & other pyrrhura conures?

    I always thought all Pyrrhura conures were the basically the same. (well, as far as the same can go in species, besides individual ones) but I was reading a book and apparently some are calmer/less cuddly or less nippy etc. So whats the difference between GCCs, crimson bellied, black capped and...