pellet conversion

  1. dancing_conure

    Is Vetafarm a good brand?

    Hey guys :) So the thing is... I live in Australia and its been really hard to find a good pellet brand that I can actually buy here. I've tried Harrisons, TOP's, Zupreem and Roudybush but they are only available in one or two online stores and have crazy shipping prices. I've seen lots of...
  2. angleajang

    How do I chose the right pellet for my linnie?

    I have no idea how I can research on what is the most healthy pellet or supplement for my linnie Based on a blog post that I found I have chosen vetafarm md pellets, roudybush maintenance or caitec oven fresh bites for pellet but this is not my own research and I don't know whether they're...
  3. P

    Converting a budgie from seeds to pellets

    Hi, I’m trying to convert my young budgie (Phil) from a base diet of seeds to pellets. He does eat vegetables, sprouts and other healthy food, but I’d like him to eat pellets. I’d appreciate any advice. :) I’m using Harrison’s Organic Pellets (high potency, super fine). So far, I’ve added...
  4. Minor_Arcana

    Pellet Samples!

    A while back, I messaged 9 pellet brands asking for free samples as an experiment to see which food brands would send some. Here are the results! Companies who said yes: Caitec "Oven Fresh Bites" - was very nice, sent an invoice via email, got back to me quickly, sent me 1 small bag of medium...
  5. birbsRcool

    pellet powder | I think the pellets might be too hard to chew

    We grinded up some pellets and gave them to pikachu (only pellets no seeds at all) we added 1 whole pellet in it. Pikachu gladly ate some pellet powder but when i hold a solid one up to his/her beak, she licks and grinds it a lil, it's like she plays with it, and then she spits it out. Do you...