Converting a budgie from seeds to pellets


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Jan 26, 2020

I’m trying to convert my young budgie (Phil) from a base diet of seeds to pellets. He does eat vegetables, sprouts and other healthy food, but I’d like him to eat pellets. I’d appreciate any advice. :)
I’m using Harrison’s Organic Pellets (high potency, super fine).

So far, I’ve added some water to his pellets to make a sort of ‘pellet paste’: I then add this to his vegetables. He’s started eating them as of last week. Phil also ate a normal, dry pellet once!😁 My plan is to keep feeding him this pellet paste until he eats it readily. After this, I’ll add some dry pellets on top of the pellet paste. I’ll then gradually reduce the amount of water, (so that Phil is just eating the normal dry pellets).

However, he’s moulting right now, so should I increase the amount of dry pellets after he’s finished moulting?

Thank you :whiteblue: :)


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Aug 21, 2010
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I'll defer overall dietary advice to our budgie experts!

Generally, creativity is needed when converting from seeds to pellets. I converted my entire flock to Harrison's and found their protocol helpful with 100% success. In case you have not seen their "diet conversion for small birds:"


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Aug 2, 2018
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My budgies eat seeds, veggies and pellets. I offer pellets for my other parrots. Then I noticed the budgies eating them too! They aren't limited on seeds, they just have lots of other stuff offered. And they love to eat the veggies and pellets to.

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