1. Cthebird

    What is your bird's personality like?

    I imagine that certain types of macaws tend to have a certain amount of similar behaviors, but certainly they are individuals and they are their own birds. I know nature and nurture also play a part in making them who they are. What is your type of macaw? And what is their personality like? My...
  2. PenClem

    Harlequin vs. Greenwing Macaw

    I have an opportunity to acquire an adult Harlequin Macaw. I am captivated by his coloring, but due to his hybridization, I wonder about temperament and characteristics... Here's what I mean: with purebred dogs, for example, breed characteristics are pretty much "standard" across the board, and...
  3. I

    Which of the Hot 3?

    Hey all, I am looking into purchasing a baby zon in the next month or so but I have been bouncing between mainly a double yellow headed or a blue fronted with a little bit of thought on yellow napes. Before you all ask, I am very well versed in parrot care, including larger parrots. I raised a...
  4. S

    B & G Macaw or Galah Cockatoo???

    Hi, hope i'm posting this in the right place! I have been saving up and now have the opertunaity to get either a B & G Macaw or a Galah cockatoo but i'm still not sure which one i should get. I already have the cage its one of these Endeavour Large Parrot Cage with Divider - Antique. The...
  5. S

    Brown head male versus female, younger versus older

    Hi everyone. I had a Caique until about 7 months ago (died unexpectedly....). Decided to go with a Poi since they are of a similar size but quieter. I have zeroed in on the brown headed parrot. I have seen 2 recently: a male and a female. Both are about 8-9 months old. My questions are: 1. Is...
  6. C

    Green cheek conure vs love bird? Gender difference?

    I'm interested in the personalities of green cheek conure and love birds. I've owned hand-fed cockatiels, and I find them too stubborn and easily scared. Plus some of them seem to prefer being alone for the comfort of safety. From what I've read, green cheek conure and love bird are the bolder...
  7. L

    Sun Conure won't get off cage.

    My female sun conure has been really tough to get out of her cage for the past month or two. I don't know what it is. Sometimes it can take me 5 or 10 minutes to get out of her cage. Other times I will just flat out give up. Once I get her out, she's is very sweet and doesn't seem to be afraid...