1. charmedbyekkie

    How to Handle Apartment Living?

    One of my biggest concerns about bringing a companion into my life would be the troubles of apartment living. - How do you handle your neighbours cooking with teflon and other toxic materials? Because I stay in a tropical country, this is particularly a large concern since apartments tend to...
  2. christine

    Coworkers just used pesticide 50 ft away from my lovebirds

    Rough morning. I came to vent and ask for advice. I have two lovebirds, I bring them into work M-F and have spoken to my coworkers about chemicals & parrots and have switched out all chemicals in the office to natural/non-toxic alternatives. Everyone seemed to be happy with the switch. Last...
  3. J

    Do any of your guys give your birds tree branches to chew?

    So I've been doing some work at my grandparents place and they have a young maple tree growing in there yard that they want gone. The branches are still flexible. I was thinking of chopping off a good bit of it and giving it to my birds to chew on. I know for sure that they've never used...