1. Rico_Tiel

    Rico’s thread

    This is a thread mainly for pictures of Rico! Side eye Smiling for the sick hooman (I’m fine now) I popped a can open, aaaand he flew over to steal some. He doesn’t know how to take from the can, so he sat there waiting for me to grab a chip so he could snatch it.
  2. M

    Eastern rosella bites me!

    Hello parrot owners, i got my rosella for like 5 years, he is 6 yo. And after 5 years he still bites me, when i got him, a think that he gone stop that after time, but nothing helped. When i give him a finger in his cage, he istantly attack me with full power, not only for playing. Thanks for...
  3. S

    Lola the green wing new pictures

    hi just thought id give you all a little photo update as the last time i uploaded any id only just got her :) this is hit or miss... ...hoping they've worked, if not... i give up lol thanks for looking
  4. S

    still cant upload photos

    ive followed the steps of the sticky to no avail. ive uploaded my photos to my album, opened one up, clicked copy image... all good so far, gone on to my 'post new thread' paste... nothing! finally thought id be posting pictures but it seems someone/something greater than myself is against me...