1. B

    is he overpreening or plucking (vet appt already made) what should I ask vet (PIC)?

    His appointment is on Tuesday, please send good thoughts :15:. My GCC Leo is about 2 years old (hatch day around mid Feb 2018). I don't know his sex for sure but just refer to him as a boy. His diet is mostly pellets/seeds with limited fruit (oranges, apples, raspberries, blueberries). I am...
  2. M

    scratching, picking,plucking

    I just adopted a goffin cockatoo, he is constintly picking and preening, he is very gentle, loves to be on my shoulder and will not stop picking, where ever we are there is feathers everywhere. I have started him on the avicalm but what else could i do. I'm afraid he is going to make him self...
  3. K

    Congo Grey started featherpicking above his tail.

    Congo Grey started featherpicking above his tail. [closed/update] His name is Jacob and I've had him since September 2012. A while back, he was over-preening his tummy but it resolved when I introduced a humidifier and gave him stricter covered 12-hour day/night cycles. Aside from that...
  4. P

    Feather Picking? i need help

    hi all, i was wondering if someone could help out with my gorgeous ekky male feather plucking...unfortunately this may be a long message as i want to ensure i have listed all possible contributions. my boy has been feather picking in just one area at the back of his neck...but the area it slowly...
  5. ann

    Help picking a new parrot (maybe)

    Hi guys, recently I was offered a newly weaned sun conure with a twisted foot (he's was born that way, but other than that he is completely healthy). At the store, they usually go for 500, but I can have him for 200 because of his foot. I would love another parrot and a sun conure could get...