1. birbsRcool

    cockatiel head bobbing with saliva coming out of mouth

    please help, what is this behaviour? information is on the video. (i posted) i see a drop of saliva on the feathers, and sometimes when he does that i can hear seeds coming out. he's never done this before?! Cockatiel weird behavior | what is he doing? | read description - YouTube saliva looks...
  2. birbsRcool

    I have no idea if Pikachu's sick

    So, Pikachu is going on and off of random symptoms. He was pooping lots, the colour of the poop changed, he got very aggressive, and the poop had a bad smell. Most people suggested a bacterial crop infection, so when I told my dad what was happening, he said that we'll talk about it, BUT then...
  3. birbsRcool

    HELP! Cockatiel's nail cut too short

    My dad was cutting Pikachu's nails but he moved and was bleeding. I pinched his toe to stop the bleeding and put some cornstarch on it, do i have to do anything else? He is screaming, might be from pain? please help, we'll leave the nails to the professionals next time... Edit: pikachu seems to...
  4. birbsRcool

    pellet powder | I think the pellets might be too hard to chew

    We grinded up some pellets and gave them to pikachu (only pellets no seeds at all) we added 1 whole pellet in it. Pikachu gladly ate some pellet powder but when i hold a solid one up to his/her beak, she licks and grinds it a lil, it's like she plays with it, and then she spits it out. Do you...
  5. birbsRcool

    cockatiel shivering

    So pikachu is shivering but When she is about to poop she gets all fluffy and shivery and bobs her tail once but after her pooping shes still shivering anyone know why?
  6. Pikachu


    pikachu being pikachu.