1. E

    Not sleeping

    My pineapple green cheek isn’t sleeping the full 12 hours. I’m not doing anything to wake her up but she always wakes up before 12 hours or even 10 hours. What can I do to help her get her sleep
  2. E

    New addition

    The place I got my sun conure has a pineapple green cheek that I think will make a wonderful addition to our family. Whats the best way to introduce the two after a quarantine. Sun is a male and pineapple a female. How can I house them? Two cages obviously to start but can they merge into one?
  3. P

    can't decide!!

    :rainbow1: Im deciding between a pineapple green cheek and a normal green cheek. the pineapple seems prettier to me, but the i like the normal green cheek's personality better.:rainbow1:
  4. V

    New to this site

    Great to find a site where other bird owners congregate. I own a white front amazon his name is Bell. I also have a Pineapple Con. Her name is KriKri. I am looking for other white front amazon owners in my area to perhaps share wisdom on these temperamental birds. Bell seems to love all...
  5. Tink


    My baby, Tink! Pineapple gcc
  6. Tink


    My baby, Tink! Pineapple gcc
  7. CharlieSheen

    Green-Cheek Subspecies

    A while ago, I became convinced that parrots were the most amazing animals in the world. So I started to do my research on which was best, and I narrowed it down to Conures, Cockatiels, or Parrotlets. Later on, you helped me narrow it down to Conures. This week, you've helped me determine...
  8. M

    hello from south texas

    Hiiii. My name is Vicky and i own a pineapple green cheek. Her name is Emma, but unfortunately, I have ended up calling her "Bird" 99% of the time. :l On other occasions, I call her other thigns (nothing bad), but yea. Emma is my first bird everrr and we are learning together. :) This is her.
  9. D


    :rainbow1:Hi, We just got a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure from an old pet shop owner who wanted to try to have a bird as a pet again but realized he didn't have time. He got him from a breeder and hand weaned him and he is now 6 months old. He was the Only pet in the household. He's healthy but...