1. L

    Fake Christmas trees safe?

    Hi, so, I’ve had a fake Christmas tree for a few years now but about 3 months ago I’ve gotten myself a cockatiel. She can be quite explorative and go around the house which sometimes makes things a bit difficult. Right now, she’s really fixated on the tree and will bite the fake “branches”...
  2. Sunnybirb

    Plastic has a smell? Is it toxic?

    I bought a sheet of clear plastic from the craft store in the fabric section. When the lady at the fabric counter went to cut it, I noticed (and she noticed!) it had a really strong smell, like rubber or chemicals or something. Really weird. Anyway, I had planned on putting it under Sunny's cage...
  3. Violet_Diva

    When To Replace Plastic Toys ... ?

    As some of you may know, I recently acquired a male eclectus called Dexter. I'm in the process of replacing many of the in-cage toys he came with. As you can see, he's obviously enjoyed chewing this plastic link chain for quite some time! As I was worried about him potentially ingesting small...
  4. NessaV

    Sun conure might have eaten plastic/metal!!

    My sun conure, Elly, chews absolutely everything! The few times I wasn't watching her like a hawk, she has managed to chew at the wires of my headphones and at the plastic ends of the laces of my hoodie. She has not shown any symptoms of having swallowed any foreign material, but I am still kind...