1. zoeygirl81

    help with introducing a new scarlet male to my blue and gold macaw

    Hello everyone, need some help. long read my apologies I have had a blue and gold named Zoey for over 10 years. in all honest terms she is my kid. Very recently i moved in with my fiance and Zoey has been having a very hard time. Not only did I move in with someone but i changed my job and am...
  2. P

    Ciaque plucking

    I have a question that I am hoping to have some input on. I have 2 caiques genders unknown at this time. My one ciaque Pumpkin has been with me and my wife for about 3 years and is roughly about 4 years old. Pumpkin after about 2 years became overly attached with me and I work as a nurse and...
  3. B

    Conure tail feather picking?

    I have my little boy rocky sun conure I think that he may be breaking his tail feathers 50% of them are broken half way down And the other day I seen him preening one and when I looked at the base it red and looked like it had been bleeding Do you think it's him doing this or somthing else He...
  4. Wolfiea1

    Plucking love bird. Help!! :(

    Hello, I'm new here and the only reason I'm posting this is because I want to know if there is anything anyone can tell me to help my bird. I have an 8 year old love bird named Cash. I've had him since he grew feathers and was aloud to come home from the pet shop. A few years ago I was forced...
  5. Folkeye

    Any hope for a habit plucker? Parrotlet woes.

    Okay, Jacky my parrotlet is going to be 4 years old in Feb. He's a habitual feather picker and will bite them off at the base. Sometimes he lets a few grow back, then he remembers how much he loves to pluck them. I'm going to guess it started due to a bad trimming about 2 years ago. He screamed...