Conure tail feather picking?


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Feb 27, 2014
Queensland, Australia
Sun conure "Rocky"
I have my little boy rocky sun conure
I think that he may be breaking his tail feathers
50% of them are broken half way down
And the other day I seen him preening one and when I looked at the base it red and looked like it had been bleeding

Do you think it's him doing this or somthing else
He has clipped wings from when I got him 8 months ago

He gets lots of love everyday
Has a big cage
Has a good diet

Please help
If he's a young conure, then the broken tail feathers may be normal. If the broken feathers are bothering him, that may cause excess irritation.
My GCC would do something similar. He would take one tail feather and pull it around and rub it through the top of his head. Eventually the tip of the feather would break off. THe poor tail feather would look awful and made me wonder if there was something more to it. Just recently I've noticed nice tail feathers. I'm hoping that the tail pulling was a passing faze.
My conure has alread broken two tail feathers, and the remaining look a little rumpled as well. I think if they are molting, it's normal, but I read that if this is a constant behavior, for no reason, I'd check with a vet.

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