plucking conure

  1. Joeypac

    Molting or plucking

    Hello 👋🏻 I have a 5 year old Sun Conure. She has only been with me for 2 months now. She is preening a decent amount lately and Im looking for some reassurance. She has lost a wing feather, multiple down feathers and also feathers on her chest. She doesn't have any bald spots and is taking baths...
  2. Quetki

    Plucking or Molting?

    My bird has been losing lots of feathers lately. I was just scratching his head and 2 came out. Almost every time he preens himself a new feather falls. I'm not sure if he's picking out his feathers or not, and it makes me worried.
  3. S

    Plucking feathers after changing diet from sunflower seeds to mixed birdfood

    This is our first time owning a pet and we’ve had a pineapple conure for 4 years. We’ve only recently discovered that a daily diet of sunflower seeds is very bad for him, he only eats a few a day since we feed him fresh fruit and veg etc daily. Since learning this we’ve changed his food to mixes...
  4. A

    Plucking or preening???

    My GCC Rudy is almost 1 year old, he has free roam during the day and only eats and sleeps in his cage. I change his toys over weekly and I am always buying new treats and toys for him. He has been moulting recently and has many new pin feathers however I came home from work today and there is a...
  5. P

    New rescue GCC - please help

    Hello 👋 we have recently taken in a rescue GCC (Pepito) and I have a few things I'm concerned about so thought I'd write my own post after looking through a few threads. Firstly her diet is not not great. She was previously fed only seed mix and human junk food ie. McDonald's fries, ice cream...
  6. J

    URGENT: Free Black Capped Conure

    Hey All, I am a new member on this forum and specifically made this account to offer someone a free black capped conure. I own two green cheeked conures and have been recently visiting my neighborhood Petco in Scarsdale , NY (near Yonkers,NY). There I have seen a black capped conure on sale for...
  7. E

    OVERNIGHT Sun Conure Feather Plucking + Travel issues

    Hey everyone! :orange: :p My sunny, Quinn, is turning 5 soon and previously I’ve never had to deal with any behavior issues with her; of course she screams and bites occasionally though, thats expected from any parrot companion :) When I greeted her last night she was doing perfectly fine...
  8. K

    Fuzzy chest help / Won't play with toys

    After weeks of looking for a vet and arranging transport... I can finally take my Conure to an avian vet 30 miles away. I have to wait until the 28th though. :( I'm taking my Lilly to see them because she's chewed away her yellow feathers to reveal her grey ones, plus she's been really screamy...
  9. J

    cinnamon green cheek plucking?? HELP

    my cinnamon green cheek is 3 years old. Her behavior has been excellent, no problems until recently about a week ago. She has been itching all over her head, and chewing her feathers under her neck. Her diet has been the same, and her cage set up has been the same since we have gotten her...