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Feb 6, 2016
Southampton, UK
Pineapple Conure (Lilly), Crimson Belly conure (Poppy)
After weeks of looking for a vet and arranging transport... I can finally take my Conure to an avian vet 30 miles away. I have to wait until the 28th though. :(

I'm taking my Lilly to see them because she's chewed away her yellow feathers to reveal her grey ones, plus she's been really screamy and loud since it started. Until we can go to the vet, I was wondering if you guys had any advice to cover all areas of why she might be doing it?

Also :confused:

I've made sure he has plenty of paper and rope to chew on, and given her a mirror and toys to play with just in case it's boredom. Except she's scared of all of it... any idea how I can introduce new things to her? She just flies away when I show her the toys and rope. Also bearing in mind I still can't touch her due to a negligent previous owner.

She's on Harrison's, fruit and veg. So I'm sure she's eating properly.

I am far from an expert so help would be greatly appreciated, as I adore this little bird and wish to give her the best care.
First, I'm glad you are going to the vet! Be sure they do gram stains and a blood panel, and check her for impacted crop.

Speaking of impacted crop, rope and cloth toys really aren't safe. I literally just saw pictures of a sub conure who had a giant gob of threads stuck in his crop that nearly killed him and had to be surgically removed. Please replace rope toys with wooden toys for chewing.

You may also want to eliminate or at least restrict fruit. Most parrots get way too much sugar in their diets.

Give her time, new things are scary! Try laying anything new near her cage for several days before actually giving it to her.

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