plum headed parakeet

  1. L

    New bird owner questions

    I got a plum headed parakeet about 2 months ago and have a couple questions about plum heads in general and also about how to avoid him crashing into walls. He is about a year and a half old and his feathers have been clipped his whole life. Now that they are growing back he has started to fly...
  2. Abdull

    New Member with a question

    Hi all, I am new here and I have joined your forum to be a part your birds friendly forum to share and learn from some of the stories. We bought a plum-head back in Nov 2022 and he "That's what the owner of the shop said, the bird is a male" was 3 months old. The bird is cute and I have 3...
  3. D

    Found A LOST Plum-Headed Parakeet and Need Advice

    Hi, last night my neighbors found a parakeet in their backyard, specifically a plum headed parakeet. I already have two parakeets and a spare clean cage on hand so after catching it I brought it home while we look for it’s owners. Does anyone know if they have any specific dietary needs or any...
  4. R

    Plum head mutations

    Hello iv had my plums over 6 months But my male has not got his pink/purple head, he has blue head and yellow tale, they have 2 babies in nest box now 3 weeks old, but i had a friend tell me that my male is mutation/ split lutino Can anyone tell me what this mean? He said I maybe get mutation...
  5. H

    My bird seems sick?

    Hello. My mom has a Plum headed parakeet about a year old. A week ago I notice that his left side of his has a watery eye. I gave him a slower and blow dry him. However after the next few days he has a plug up nose. I haven't taken him or her to the vet since my bird died last time by an...