1. C

    Lack of feces in the dropping... help please!!!

    Hi My sun conure :orange: is 5 weeks old. I feed him 20 ml thrice. Its my first ever parrot so I am cautious. I hope its not a big deal but just to be sure I have to ask. Today his Poop only had Urates(white part) and Urine(Clear liquid) but no feces (Brownish/greenish part). I was...
  2. WannaBeAParrot

    Pritti's Good Vet Visit (and a cute pic too).

    Couldn't resist posting a pic of Pritti and his big friend, Mr. Piggy. 6 month check-up yesterday went well. was going to skip clipping, but the feisty old fella took off and flew to me about 5 times when they were ready to towel him for the 2nd time. Hahaha... that little devil was keeping...