Lack of feces in the dropping... help please!!!


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May 12, 2014
Sun Conure
Hi My sun conure :orange: is 5 weeks old. I feed him 20 ml thrice. Its my first ever parrot so I am cautious. I hope its not a big deal but just to be sure I have to ask.
Today his Poop only had Urates(white part) and Urine(Clear liquid) but no feces (Brownish/greenish part). I was obviously worried so waited for his next poop, there were no feces again. Please see the picture attached ... I kept on observing and in the next poops there were feces and poops were totally normal.

I found an article Polyuria in Birds - Page 1 which says Lack of feces in the dropping might be a symptom of POLYURIA

Lack of feces in the dropping. These droppings appear as only urates and urine. When they appear following an episode of diarrhea, it may indicate an obstruction in the intestinal tract.

can anyone help and guide me please?


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