power failure

  1. Rico_Tiel

    We just lost power, how do I keep Rico warm?

    So yeah, we just lost power, the data towers seem okay so far but that could change. It is like 30°F outside and on the off chance that this outage lasts a while, I wanna know what to do. I know put a blanket on the cage when the temps begin to drop but what else should I do? Bird pic for birb tax
  2. F

    Amphibian Care during Power Failures: Bacteria, Disease, Oxygen

    Hi All, Hurricane Sandy, which hit the Northeastern USA in October of 2012, caused losses to both private herp keepers and zoos. My own collection, home to a 32+ year-old Red Salamander and several others aged 20+, thankfully fared very well. The zoos and aquariums for which I consult are...