1. M

    GCCC Over Preening

    Hello All! I have an 8.5yo Green Cheek Conure (Pip) who has within the past few weeks begun overpreening. I've had him for almost a decade and he's never exhibited this behaviour before. He's chewed all the flight feathers off on his left wing, ans all his tail feathers. I can't for the life of...
  2. Poppy preening

    Poppy preening

  3. Rico_Tiel

    Why is my bird so interested in my hair?

    So yeah, title. Rico is REALLY interested in my hair and has been ever since I let him play with my bangs. He lands on my head to play with my hair, and will sometimes hang out on my shoulder and preen the peach fuzz on my face. He even plays with my ear and licks it which is really weird to me...
  4. M

    I just got a budgie and I want to learn a little more about hand taming

    So I have a blue budgie named Bandit, and we got him a couple days ago, he is a baby and I've been slowing introducing my hand into his cage and he recently started preening while my hand is in the cage. he was doing it while I was just in the room with him. but I was curious as to if him...
  5. sundae

    Obsessive preening

    My quaker parrot which I have had for about 3 weeks now, is obsessed with preening me. I'm not even joking. Once he got comfortable with me, it started with hands- he plucked out dead skin and sometimes even hair. Sometime later he moved to my face and today he insisted on licking my teeth...

    Molting or plucking??

    Hello everybody Everything was very normal, Kiwi started to preen very normally and I wasn't really worried so I left the room for a couple minutes and when I came back I found a feather. I started to panic, because I thought he was plucking and I worried about what I was doing to stress him...


    Hey everyone, My 3m. GCC sneezes. I've been reading and it says that they occasionally sneeze to clear their nostrils. But frequent sneezing and the discharge of mucus is a cause for concern. Thankfully they're is no mucus and I really don't know how frequent is too frequent. What I have noticed...
  8. J

    Sick or normal?

    Hi, we adopted 2 (allegedly) 6 month old female cockatiels Saturday, and we’ve all been getting along great. However, the personality of one has changed the last 2 days, more so today. She seems to be trying to regurgitate a lot with the head/neck bobbing with her mouth open, sometimes little...
  9. M

    Normal Flock Preening Behavior or Unusual?

    Hi all! I have two female GCCs who are finally getting along well enough to preen each other peacefully, but one of them (the older female that we have had 3+ years) is not just preening her flock mate’s head but also her tail, back, wings, and even using the baby’s (who is 4 months) preening...
  10. W


    I have two green cheek conures with the same set up but only one has healthy looking feathers. Is it over preening, dry skin, or diet?
  11. V

    Houdini loves me... aggressively

    I have a quaker named Houdini who is about a year old. I remember being so thrilled when she first let me hold her, but now I can't seem to get her off of me. This wouldn't be an issue if she wasn't hurting me. She likes to preen my hair but she does it so aggressively that she's pulling my hair...
  12. A

    Cracking pin feathers?

    I haven't had to crack Loki's pins in years, since he and Blaze preened each other, but it's that time of year. He fluffs up if I go to crack them, which makes it easier, but he also wiggles around a ton and makes me worry about accidentally pulling them. Has anyone got advice for preening...
  13. Z

    Zazu won't preen

    Hello, This might be stupid, I'm not sure, but I am slightly concerned. My new sun conure Zazu won't preen himself. He won't bathe either. And now his feathers are all disheveled and look terrible. Is this normal? Could it be because he is still settling in? Otherwise, he eats and drinks and...
  14. veimar

    Preening salon!

    I just wanted to share a video of my two budgies preening Parry. Franky has been in love with him for a while (I posted about that here too), and now Cesar joined in! They compete and even fight for him. :D They both want to preen and feed him constantly, so I have to cage them both or at least...
  15. A

    Help To Stop Feather Plucking?

    I recently brought home a female Eclectus :red1: and she's been feather plucking a lot. She plucked the majority of feathers that are gone before she came home with me, but she's continuing to do so. I think there could be two causes: She had recently laid an unfertilized egg, and so she's...
  16. Toeksie


  17. christine

    Lovebird just preened my face

    It's 9pm & my little lovebird just decided to preen my face for me for the last 20 minutes. No need to go to the facialist anymore, every bit of my face has been careful cared for by my little girl. I was propped up on some pillows in bed planning out a vacation and decided she had the perfect...
  18. Macaw_nutty

    Do you let your birds groom your eyelashes?

    Hi there fellow bird lovers! I thought in lieu of an intro thread, I'd start a discussion! I searched the forum, and didn't see this one specifically (though I could have missed it, lol), I wondered what everyone's opinion on letting your birds preen you. Big bills, little beaks, and everything...
  19. M

    Is my Conure in heat?!

    I couldn't find anything about it online and I'm not even sure birds do that, but that is what her behavior seems like. For the past few weeks instead of hopping onto my hand when I go to her cage, she will shy away from my hand at first, then come up to it and rub her head, bite my hand (very...
  20. Oedipussrex

    What does your Ekkies oil gland look like?

    I would really appreciate it if people were able to post pictures of the lumpy oil gland on their ekkies tails. I don't have enough experience to know what is 'normal' for many things about them, and with pickle i have learned that it is safer to assume that nothing about him is normal. So i...