1. PapayaTheQuaker

    Need Help! Possible partner for my quaker?

    Hi! Papaya is one year and a half old now! Yay! He has come a long way from when he has first arrived but he still is very cage aggressive. I'm about to start grad school and I've been thinking of getting him a possible partner so he won't be lonely, as I will be attending more intense classes...
  2. P

    My Quaker ate some mushroom, is he going to be okay?

    I was having Chinese, and my quaker kept bugging me for some. So I licked off the sauce from bok choy, carrots, meat, and mushroom so he can have a bit of each. I later looked them up and found out that mushroom can be bad for parrots, but is it the same case if it was well cooked?
  3. Jez

    Your Favorite...

    I'm getting a new bird soon and I've done 90% of my research. Now I'm looking for a opinions from everyone. Basically my choices have come down between: Quakers Senegals [Sun, or other...]Conures I wanted to hear from owners of these birds, and just tell me a bit about yours: Personality -...