1. Thehuffle

    How do I introduce new veggies/fruit ?

    I have owned Poe ever since the end of May and he is not very tame but would happily sit with you and talk/chirp near you. He likes his greens, cucumber, apple (often) and grapes. But how do I introduce strawberries, banna etc, he has a separate bowl in his cage where they go but whenever I put...
  2. P

    Is 'Elmers Washable Disappearing Purple' glue stick bird safe?

    I'm making toys for my bird so I'm just wondering
  3. _cisco_

    New pan set, does it have teflon?

    My mom got me a new pots and pans set, its a granite stone diamond 20 pc. But im rlly skittish about using them because they are brand new. My bird has been around my mothers set when she was cooking and he was fine. But im still worried. Ive been trying to do research about the set and some say...
  4. B

    My male budgie won’t stop biting his water dish

    I waited for a few weeks to see if he stopped but he still keeps biting it everytime I refill it or sometimes just at any point in the day. He doesn’t eat from my hand anymore because he gets distracted with it and the other day he walked out the cage(something he very rarely does) to keep...