New pan set, does it have teflon?


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Jun 17, 2016
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My mom got me a new pots and pans set, its a granite stone diamond 20 pc. But im rlly skittish about using them because they are brand new. My bird has been around my mothers set when she was cooking and he was fine. But im still worried. Ive been trying to do research about the set and some say is ptfe free and some dont? Im very confused. Does anyone else have this set and their birds are aye ok? Or does anyone know for sure if it has teflon??? I rlly want to know for the safety of my bird babe but also if i need to return it and see if i can get. Safer set. (This set advertised that is pfoa free, but i very much understand thats not the same as ptfe and it could be very much present) my mom also tried to put research into it she knows how worried i get about things like teflon. And shes told me that it doesnt have the 2 main elements of teflon and the third isnt the killer. And as long as im carful abt the heat i put on it (500 degrees) it shouldnt be a worry. Im also gonna try to call the company today and see what they say so. That will also help.
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This product (granite stone diamond 2 - likely granite using ceramic to hold the ground stone in place) is a pain as the manufacturer really doesn't address the question of the chemical mix used.

Longevity is the really question as Ceramic needs a rigid foundation to assure long life. Normal failure is the ceramic cracking caused by flexing of the structural segment, i.e. the metal base.

Take care not to drop them,, especially when hot!!
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Simple answer? No Teflon!
Complex answer? If I change one molecule in the formulation of Teflon, it is no longer Teflon!
Still a plastic coating that kills!
No teflon, but if theres still something that can harm my bird should i still just switch them out?

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