red rumped parrot

  1. P

    The Final Verdict

    Hi all, It took a long time. It's been about 5 months since I rescued Mofu. Since week one she started losing feathers, and it was one heck of a journey trying to figure out the cause. Starting with random fits, 4 vet visits, constant 'all clear's, a false testing, and finally the 5th visit...
  2. P

    Step Up Onto Hand Succession Progress

    Since starting the stick training, Mofu has really began to start liking my attention and often seeks me out. This past week alone, I have become her favourite climbing toy, something I'd have never expected a month ago of a bird who only likes to be on the ground. She still has a strong...
  3. Murii

    Stronger bounding!

    Hello! I bought a male red rumped parrot on the 13th of this month. Its name is Paco and I like him a lot! But I got a few questions that I'm looking forward to answers. -I managed to make him eat from my hand, without problems.Sometimes when I approach him he's scared but after a few seconds...