1. T

    I'm a new Eclectus owner (to be) and need ADVICE!

    Hi everyone - I have a male Eclectus that I just agreed to accept for rehome. He's in another state, coming home in a month and I feel like I could use all the advice possible :) He attempted to be used for breeding but didn't produce viable clutches, so the owner decided to let them go. I'm...
  2. J

    How to bond with a new amazon?

    Here's a little backstory: My boyfriend and I were looking into adopting an amazon and found someone rehoming a lilac crowned amazon for $700, all materials included and we immediately pounced on the opportunity. He was rehoming his amazon because his other male amazon was violent towards Orion...
  3. W

    Need Advice asap !

    I am new to bird ownership. I am a vet tech and a client of mine had to rehome her sun conure as an emergency due to extreme allergies. I offered to take him for her. I have never owned a bird but have been doing lots of research and have coworkers that have a lot of birds. This male conure...
  4. S

    13 y/o UC Terrified of my Boyfriend

    We just got Indie about two weeks ago from a couple whose daughter had raised him. She did a really great job he's super tame, and will set-up on almost anyone, cuddles bonds with females instantly, he's a great bird; kind of needy ;). Needless to say he's favorable of women. I've never owned a...
  5. S

    First time bird owner with aggressive rehomed bird

    (sorry for the rambling) my dad just got a Quaker Parrot for the family, He/she is 1 to 2 years old. The original owners neglected him/her and its unknown how much handling hes actually had. Then my cousin had him for just a month and her kids used to occasionally beat on his cage. He has...
  6. Devann

    Adopting an older bird, new to site!

    Hello! It looks like I will be adopting a 6 year old Alexandrine this week and I couldn't be happier but I am a little nervous. After much discussion with her wonderful and understandably heartbroken owner (who is only rehoming because she is moving out of the country and connot take the bird...
  7. Jessica M

    Night screaming Indian Ringneck

    I just got a 2 year old female Indian Ringneck parakeet,she is quiet for the most part during the day but when the sun starts going down she starts squeaking.Then when the sun is fully set she starts making a "car alarm" sound well that's what i call it its her loudest call.Does anyone else's...