1. K

    Dead baby ringnecks

    So i have a pair of lutino ringnecks. They layed 5 eggs and they started hatching but 2 days ago all the hatched chicks died and i thought that they died due to cold because the previous night was really cold. Yestarday the 4th egg hatched but today it died as well. And i am trying to find the...
  2. I

    Indian ringneck baby

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and am a new bird owner, Eli has only been with me for 2 weeks now and is 11 weeks of age. He's starting to come out of his shell a bit more now, and is starting to explore around 🙂 now my question is, do you guys think his head will go white, blue or stay a...
  3. S

    I'm new!!

    Hey! Okay so I'm new here and I'm also a new mother to two baby ringnecks who are just a month old. (Yes, I have learnt how to properly handfeed them and I have been handfeeding them since they were 15 days old) I'm in India so it's pretty common to adopt baby birds. So since I come here for...
  4. E

    Training questions for my new Ringneck

    I just brought home a young Indian Ringneck, just off being hand-fed, and I wanted to get some advice for training and socializing him. Some info to begin, I just brought him home on the 23rd and spent most of the following two days around him. Either handling him when he was feeling social or...
  5. I

    Getting an Indian Ringneck

    Hi guys. Im going to buy an indian ringneck soon and on top of all the research, I'd like more info by indian ringneck owners. Just stuff like how to care for them, what to feed them etc. I love reading long things so a long answer is great! I also would like a suggestion for the cage! I'll...
  6. rxbrnnn

    Tail feather backwards?

    So i was trimming my baby's wings yesterday (i do clip myself and i was just trimming, he was clipped when i bought him at 10 wks and i've done a full "haircut" once at about 12 weeks - i live in a VERY small nyc apartment and feel more comfortable keeping him clipped especially since he loves...
  7. B

    Training question

    Hello all, Our Ringneck Remy has her full wings and we let her pretty much fly around when she wants to. We feel it gives her exercise and freedom. We want to try and train her not to fly into the kitchen however, especially when we're cooking as it's very dangerous. Does anyone have any...
  8. M

    Ringnecks plucking each other

    Hi, I've got two indian ringnecks that were bought at the same time as babies but lived apart for 6 months or so and have now been in the same cage for roughly another six months. I believe they are siblings, but am not really sure about that. They get along fine. I've noticed them cleaning...
  9. M

    How to breed ringnecks

    Hello everyone i am trying to breed my indian ring necks 3years old and they are in a large cage please cn some one tell me on how to setup and breed them ringnecks. is there anything to do with temperature? anything to do with foods? when is the season? how do i get them to breed? thanks