1. Altalex

    My bird's feathers changed color and im worried

    I was hanging out with my two birds on the livingroom, and when it was time for bed, i noticed my eastern rosella's small feathers under his tail, werent the same color as they were before, they used to be a really bright red, but now appear orange. I went to check his last photos that were...
  2. R

    Juniper's Story (2016-Now)

    I bought Juniper one year ago on September 2. She was falsely advertised as a crimson rosella, one I had been looking for for at least three years. When I arrived at the breeder's, they explained to me that she was a three year old rescue bird that nobody wanted. So I bought her. She was...
  3. journeyman

    Help me please!! Taming.

    Hello this is my first post on this forum. I need help with taming my birds. Ive got 3 birds, Cockatiel, budgie and rosella. I got them back in 2011. The problem is, now is 2016 and i havent made any contact with them, they are wild, i just refill them water and food every day thats it. I...