sad and lonely

  1. A

    Green cheek conure left alone

    Hello everyone. I have really bad news. We accidentally left a window slightly open and Zafir went out. This was on Monday when the sun was going down. We searched for her and did everything but no clue yet. It’s winter and it’s really cold but we did everything we could but I’m not writing...
  2. S.paredes1991

    New & Starting over after losing my Baby.

    Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie and I live in Chicago, IL. On June 19th I came home to find out my Cinnamon GC, Pidgey, got out and flew away. Since then I have become much more active in the Parrot community, when before it was just me and my two babies in our own little bubble. I am still...
  3. R

    Need advice, keep crying

    Tiki died last Monday. It's been a week and a half so yes it is still recent. I was suffering depression while he was sick. He died IN MY HANDS. Breathing so heavy I had to help him go a little faster so it would be quicker and not drawn out. Watching the life leave his eyes was the worst most...
  4. R

    Should I get a 2nd Kakariki??

    I have a male kakariki. He's over a year old. He had a rough summer cause he was sick and stuff and ever since then he's just not the same. He's had some various issues but my vet has found that nothing is ever detrimental. He's had anemia and a bad molt that he had pain and stuff but he's just...