1. MelloYello

    Parrot rescues in Texas

    Hello! Does anybody know of any reputable parrot rescues/sanctuaries in Texas? Thank you! Have a lovely day!
  2. M

    Worried about future

    Hello, I basically joined because I am worried about what will happen to my 22 year old Mollucan cockatoo when I die. I am a senior citizen (still in excellent shape) and for 22 years I have given my boy the best life a bird could ever have. He is not a problem bird, very friendly to everyone...
  3. WannaBeAParrot

    Bird Sanctuaries

    Do you have any first-hand knowledge of Bird Sanctuaries that would be good for an older conure. I'm not sending Pritti anywhere, but want to have a plan should it ever be needed. I already know who would and could care for him in a safe and loving forever home. But if something should happen...
  4. M

    Don't buy parrots!

    Hi, I am new here. I, literally, just returned from volunteering at the oldest running parrot sanctuary in the US, The Oasis Sanctuary in Benson, AZ. They have around 700 parrots from budgies to the big cockatoos. This is a life care facility and they will not adopt. Many of these parrots...