1. Sora6886

    How does everyone clean their hand rasing equipment/utensils/tools

    I'm an breeder n I hand raiser and I've just been researching any thing I could be doing better or easier. I've been trying to find how everyone prefers to sanitise or clean their equiment (eg. Syringes, spoons, cups etc). Obviously I've had a really hard time finding answers to this. (I'm...
  2. N

    Cleaning poop off of wood perches?

    Doing my weekly cleaning of Linus's cage, I found a spot with overlapping perches and I hadn't noticed he has been pooping all over the lower perches. How can I clean this so that it is all removed and sanitary?
  3. Boyd75

    paranoia, health risks, cleanliness

    okay, i babysitted a friends bird, and im aranoid they were not super healthy. im worried it will affect my birds. What are the rocedures to sanitize a cage, and toys, and cothes that may have come into contact with the bird. ive been reading alot on PFBD, that i didnt even know about...