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  1. socktheconure

    Hostile Cockatiels Update

    Edit: I am considering uploading update photos, including the Budgerigar. Would you guys mayhaps appreciate the photo updates more? Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of activity. I'm a very anxious individual, so I tend to be stand-offish about a lot of responses and such. HOWEVER I am...
  2. C

    How much time should I give to my green cheeked conure?

    I'm thinking about getting a conure, but with forums I've read, some say it needs tons of attention. Others say they can work 40 hours a week and their little conure is happy as ever. I just dont want my bird to feel lonely or bored! I have school for 7 hours a day and I'm wondering if that's...
  3. R

    Update and Happy Holidays

    Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in about a week! Obviously the holidays were demanding and so was graduate school! I had to pull an all nighter for my psychology and law exam because it was only one exam for the entire class it was insane. I was awake for 40 hours straight because I was...
  4. R

    I listen to ppl talk about their passions. no one cares about mine(birds & forensics)

    I listen to ppl talk about their passions. no one cares about mine(birds & forensics) I like to listen to people talk about their passions and life, and sometimes people chew my ear off! I do not disrespect or interrupt. But I feel like no one cares about mine �� It makes me sad...
  5. ann

    An abandoned baby goose?

    hi guys! Long story short, my school is like a zoo, we have dogs, parrots, doves, peacocks, ferrets, a tortoise, rabbits, koi fish and more. There is a large enclosed courtyard with a pond and LOTS of plants. there are ducks that come and go, and many raise ducklings in the courtyard. Today my...