Update and Happy Holidays


Aug 6, 2014
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in about a week! Obviously the holidays were demanding and so was graduate school!

I had to pull an all nighter for my psychology and law exam because it was only one exam for the entire class it was insane. I was awake for 40 hours straight because I was desperately trying to remember case laws among the rest of the content. It was crazy. However, I found out I passed with an A- and my other grades were A and A-s. So my first semester of graduate school was a success with the lowest grade being an A-. I am proud to say the least. Forensics has proven to be difficult. But I even managed a 95 in graduate statistics so taking all the hard classes in one semester and my first semester just proved I can take on a challenge!! I am proud of myself I just wanted to share with someone.

My Christmas was probably not the best to date because of some arguments and such but the birds and bunny got spoiled. My new senegal is a dancing machine so I got him a disco ball. But all 3 birds got lots of fun treats and toys and my rabbit Sweetie got a big hay ball that she likes to pick up and throw, it's the funniest thing! I got a video of it.

Baby bird the senegal is my new best friend he has bonded to me so fast even though it's not even 2 weeks now that we are together. He never bites me he loves when I pet him and scratch him and he mimicks everything I do. Even coughing. It's so funny. He quacks though my family has even noticed so it's really funny. I taught him to cat call and to make a bomb dropping and exploding noise haha like in cartoons. It's so funny. We play games where we mimick each other and dance. I'm glad I adopted him. We are a perfect fit. He fills the empty void from Tiki and I give him all the attention in the world that he craves.

He only calls for me and wants my attention in terms of physical contact. He gets excited when my boyfriend comes over and starts dancing, but he gave him quite a bite when he tried to pet him! He didn't let go and my boyfriend was bleeding, I felt bad. But it's so soon still. I'm just glad he loves me. He clings onto me for dear life when I try to put him back, he's so crazy I love him. He has that seni-tude though, I can see it!!! Just not with me in terms of biting :D I'm lucky LOL

Hope you all had a good holiday and happy new year! Share some of your stories I'm interested in hearing how your holidays went and what toys your babies got from Santa :)

Also I edited this photo to make it look like my birds. Hehe what do you think???


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