screaming cockatiel

  1. S

    Need some help

    Hii, happy new year everyone! I start the year with yet an other headache. My two babies are really calm, they are cuddly, chaotic, and happy, but my male cockatiels is screaming like crazy. He is hungry? He screams. He wasn't to sleep more? He screams. He wants the vegetables and not the...
  2. Z

    Cockatiel Screaming

    As of the past couple days, my new cockatiel, Hebe, will not stop screeching when she wants something. Sometimes, I have absolutely no idea what she wants, but she will just continually screech as if I’ll get her what she wants. I try not to give her what she wants, but I think she thinks that...
  3. A

    Overactive or hormonal?

    Hello, I recently got male cockatiel.He is almost a month home and so far I bonded with him very well from the 3rd day. Until this moment he let me pet him,give him food in hand and so on. Unfortunately for the past week he is squaking really loud for like 3-4 hours in the morning and...
  4. veimar

    HELP! New screaming cockatiel!

    Hello, I got a new cockatiel today - he is a 2 yo male according to his owner. He was in pretty rough conditions with other 3 (his father and two brothers) - they were kept in a small flight cage outside a mobile home. Not tame, but not shy. He was very energetic and looked healthy and handsome...