1. S

    1995 blue and gold macaw and a ruby macaw

    In 1991 bought a three week old blue and gold macaw hatchling from a reputable Chicagoland breeder (named Atha). I continue to hand feed the little miracle until we weaned him off of formula. Naturally, Rio (that was his name) bonded to both me and my mother, who helped take care of him, but in...
  2. Ceri

    Future Bird Mom

    Hi all. I have previous parrot experience and now that my daughter has gone to college, I am looking for a feathery kid to care for. I have been bamboozled by scammers these past 2 weeks. I AM EXHAUSTED. When I got my scarlet macaw, in 1997, it was so easy. When did this get so crazy, sheesh! I...
  3. L

    Young Male Clear Pied Cockatiel Wanted

    Hello! I have been searching for a newly weaned clear pied male cockatiel for months now and have yet to find any. Every breeder I have contacted has either not replied or has told me they do not have any tiels at all available. I have never seen a clear pied for sale but I really love them and...
  4. E

    Does anyone know a Canadian rescue center?

    We have a bird to rehome. We don't know the gender. So from here on out I'm just going to call him/her "Dory" or 'she/her' as my grandmother believe it's female. Dory is the whole reason I got a bird in the first place. Though Dory is not exactly a friendly bird. I don't judge. Poor thing hadn't...
  5. Q

    Looking for a breeder

    Hello! You can call me Queen or Innocent! :) I am an 18 year old coming into an inheritance who is ready for her first big bird!! I have done the researching, the understanding of negatives and positives, and the experience. I am resolved and positive to find my first long term companion...