senior parrot

  1. Yun777

    senior lovebird

    Hi guys. my bird is older and i am worried with him. 1. He is male but he acts like female. He sometimes wanna decorate paper with his ass. He is only one child and solo for his life. 2. Is perfume bad for lovebirds? bombshell and citrus.. i know it is not good i wanna make sure Thx.
  2. B

    Bitey, Shoulder-Loving, 40yr old YNA Rescue. HELP

    Ok so I’m a first time bird owner of a 40 year old rescued YNA. He was a three year resident at the rescue I volunteer for and sadly everyone was afraid of him. After a few months we began an unlikely friendship and eventually I was the only one who could work with him. I took him home about...