1. F

    Male or female budgie

    I have this lovely budgies, but i need to know his/her gender/sex, secondary question what is his/her age :-
  2. F

    Need to verify the gender of my bird, i were told that he is a young male

    I got this new budgie bird, and i were told that he is a young male:- Thanks so any advice on his gender please?
  3. F

    How can I know my 2 Lovebirds sex/gender

    I have new 2 love birds, one which is yellow the other is mainly green, but i am not sure about their sex/gender. here are their pictures:- The main differences are :- 1) The yellow one has a dark blue spots above his/her beak, while the green has a lighter blue spot. 2) The green...
  4. E

    How do I find a mate for my rainbow lorikeet?

    Hey , I have 2 rainbow lorikeets about the same age and roughly 2 years and a few month old. They are both very tame and lovely towards me. Unfortunately not towards each other. When they were younger they would get along but fight a bit. Then when the male reached maturity he got very hormonal...
  5. A

    Help determining young budgie gender

    I know it’s hard/impossible to know for sure the gender of babies, but if anyone has any input I would appreciate it! I wanted to get a male since I already have a male budgie who seems lonely, but wherever I went they only had very young ones. This one seemed very calm and sweet and had a...
  6. G

    Avian DNA training

    I'm trying to find where I can get training for avian sex DNA training.:grey::greenyellow:
  7. T

    Budgie boy or girl?

    Hi all, My girlfriend has a budgie and it's supposed to be a boy but she spoke to a lady who works in a pet shop and she told her that it's a girl. If it's a girl, shouldn't it be laying eggs like any female bird? We are a bit confused and would appreciate some help Thanks, here's a picture...
  8. G

    crimson rosella gender

    Hello :23: Does anybody knows gender (sex) of this crimson rosella? It is around 5. Thanks!
  9. eyalovespico

    help me figure out my birds gender???

    pretty sure shes a girl but she does have blue so idk help plssss :blue2: :whiteblue:
  10. C

    4 Year Old Sun Conure Laid Egg, What Now?

    A week ago I came home and lo and behold there was an egg in my Sun's nest! She didn't act protective and she let us touch it and pick it up, etc. So I threw it away soon after whens she wasn't around....three days later, she had another one! Now she is protective over it and is constantly...